Monday, 7 July 2014

Cast Me Marc!

The world of media, technology and social network is growing. With that, they are huge part of our lives, business's and consumers.
Marc Jacobs newsest campaign has used that to his own advantage, leading a new campaign called #castmemarc, which involved insta-casting, 70,000 applicants and 30 lucky winners, which were then featured in his newest a/w campaign. This has not only brought awareness to the labels newest collection, but has brought his fans, and creative individuals together, expanding the audience and placing relatable figures middle page.

Insta-casting is one of the new ways brands are discovering individuals for there own, or to promote. Other brands have done this such as Rayban and Calvin Klein, and has proved to be an affective way of marketing. This is a new way of promoting and getting there consumers involved, and inspiring others. For big brands like Marc Jacobs, this can give them that memorable image for this years season against competitors campaigns.

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