Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Presentation Day: DITEE - The Fragrance With Benefits

On May 22nd, my group and myself got the chance to present our idea and brand to our seminar group, with Karen Gilbert, Tim & Chris judging.
Our brand in a summary is about giving woman the chance to take of there skin, easier and to work around there morning routine. We based our idea around innovation and created our fragrance with benefits, the fragrance with natural vitamins which are friendly to the skin.

Examples of our presentation;


* More info and research on the name and logo needed
* Liked the idea of skincare benefits
* Liked the research about body parts and how certain areas age more
* Beautiful mock ups of ads
* More in depth info about the skincare benefits
* Good gap in the market
* Not sure on the name, think it has dietary benefits
* Fragrance with benefits sounds too much like friends with benefits
* More info and research on trend of multifunctional products
* Very on brand presentation
* Be careful using a circle in the portrait advert
* Bottle could’ve been more interesting, more use of watercolour illustrations.
* Good script but keep the energy
* Make movie more in depth/more obvious
* Really good research in general/ lots of replies from surveys
* Are you launching a skincare brand or fragrance brand?
* More research on other skincare brands
* Mention more about the long term, how it makes you smell nice now, whilst making you look better in the long run.

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