Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Let's Make Some Perfume!

This has to be one of the parts of this project I have been really enthusiastic for, creating our own fragrance. Thanks to Karen Gilbert, we were able to create a fragrance using a range of heart, accessory, fixture and harmonizing notes. We had choices from floral, to fruity, and from wood to tobacco. Having our consumer in mind we were able to create a fragrance, fitting in with there needs, desires and what will bring them to be a loyal consumer.

Summary of our consumer;
Name: Claire
Age: 39
Occupation: Part-time mum, part-time office worker
Family: 2 kids, and a husband.
Food Shops and essentials: Superdrug, Waitrose
Own time activities: Seeing friends, every friday night, for catchup and drinks. Housework, but also likes to relax in front of the tele with the family. Enjoys clothes shopping now and then, inconjuction of shopping for essentials.
Places to clothes shop: Debenhams, house of fraiser, oasis, warehouse. Fashion aware, but doesn't want to be outstanding.
Morning routine: Shower, hair, and keeping herself healthy in appearance, usually has a routine of skincare products and such.

While combining a range of smells, and picking what fits in best, we ended up creating a fragrance, with a light smell, ideal for the morning routine. We wanted something, which is just as delicate as the skin you are putting it on, as we are about being beauty beneficial as well.

What does our perfume contain?
Heart Notes
Rose / 35 drops
Jasmine / 35 drops
Muguet / 50 drops

Accessory Notes
Fruity / 19 drops
Aldehydic / 13 drops
Tobacco / 13 drops

Fixture Notes
Vanilla / 60 drops

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