Thursday, 3 April 2014

Is our idea going to work? - process

After research and research in innovative, and mainstream perfumes, we have stayed open-minded, and have got to the idea of creating a perfume which will benefit the consumer not just for smell, but to with future and additional benefits. Innovation is our key concept we are working around, so what have we discovered?

basic facts we have covered to get us started, to show where the fragrance market is at the moment in terms of the consumer. 

Fragrance sales, and Skincare are close in percentage. This shows, both types of products are essential to a average consumer. This shows there is strong correlation to both types of products.

Showing us where is popular for purchases of fragrance. Can skincare be a usual product there too?

Skincare that contains a fragrance is second to top, showing consumers will show huge demand for a type of product combining the both.

Using Mintel, we have been able to see what consumers are currently doing, and wanting, such as popular outlets and stats. This is our starting point, showing what correlates together and what does not.

From then on we are able to work on our consumer. We have also landed this idea of Skincare combined fragrance, due to many woman today, being more aware of health and future appearance. More woman, are wanting to try new things as well, making an innovative and beneficial idea an exciting project for the market.

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