Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fragrance Project:Our Idea?

Fragrance project, being one of the most exciting projects I have been able to take part in so far in education, and being in University, what better time to experiment? Through research in our own time, before trips, we decided we wanted to create a fragrance which is innovative, and beneficial in not just a way of smelling good, but in other forms. During out trips to Nottingham and London, we looked at a selection of innovative perfumes, and perfume brands. We looked into;

  • Packagaing
  • the idea
  • it's benefits
  • the price
  • the consumer
  • visual merchandising
  • the brand.
Some of the products and brands/products we looked at on both trips:

Hair Perfume

Laundry Perfume

DKNY BE DELICIOUS SKIN - hydrating perfume

other fragrances include; Ink Fragrance, Swallowable Fragrance, and Unusual Scents

Innovative stores and visuals (stores & exhibitions LONDON):
Beyond the Object: Exhib

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