Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Photoshop Effects: Experimenting

Due to our photoshoots for this fragrance brief around the corner, I recapped on some of the effects I can create using Photoshop. This can enhance images to fit in with my brand and its essence.

Drop Shadow


Motion Blur 01.

Motion Blur 02.


Overlay 01.

Overlay 02.

Overlay 03.

Friday, 25 April 2014

What's Interested Me This Week?

My love for photography is always growing, however I do have a taste, like my fashion obsession of grunge, having a mixture of the both I am always falling for it. This week, I discovered Polish photographer Gabriel Orlawski, who has become not just a photographer, but capturing moments.

Recent interview with the photographer on Dazed here

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Photoshoot: Fragrance Inspo?

The group and I have decided, due to our concept, basing the name on a goddess, who is known for beauty. We have got choice names to pick through, however, we have decided, due to an 'older' aged consumer, and wanting to bring the message across, while also be indulging we have gathered a few images which I feel will be huge inspiration when planning our photoshoot.

we've looked at fragranc3 photography from brands such as;
Tom Ford
Jo Malone
Le Chic
Marc Jacobs

We chose to look at adverts from these brands as the imagery is central and focusing on the fragrance, with a message about the product around the outside, a concept we want to execute. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Paris Ayers Photography

For this fragrance project, we'll be needing a photographer to capture the message for the brand, to market out for launch. 2nd year student, studying Photography a Nottingham Trent University, is a possible collaboration!

Let's Make Some Perfume!

This has to be one of the parts of this project I have been really enthusiastic for, creating our own fragrance. Thanks to Karen Gilbert, we were able to create a fragrance using a range of heart, accessory, fixture and harmonizing notes. We had choices from floral, to fruity, and from wood to tobacco. Having our consumer in mind we were able to create a fragrance, fitting in with there needs, desires and what will bring them to be a loyal consumer.

Summary of our consumer;
Name: Claire
Age: 39
Occupation: Part-time mum, part-time office worker
Family: 2 kids, and a husband.
Food Shops and essentials: Superdrug, Waitrose
Own time activities: Seeing friends, every friday night, for catchup and drinks. Housework, but also likes to relax in front of the tele with the family. Enjoys clothes shopping now and then, inconjuction of shopping for essentials.
Places to clothes shop: Debenhams, house of fraiser, oasis, warehouse. Fashion aware, but doesn't want to be outstanding.
Morning routine: Shower, hair, and keeping herself healthy in appearance, usually has a routine of skincare products and such.

While combining a range of smells, and picking what fits in best, we ended up creating a fragrance, with a light smell, ideal for the morning routine. We wanted something, which is just as delicate as the skin you are putting it on, as we are about being beauty beneficial as well.

What does our perfume contain?
Heart Notes
Rose / 35 drops
Jasmine / 35 drops
Muguet / 50 drops

Accessory Notes
Fruity / 19 drops
Aldehydic / 13 drops
Tobacco / 13 drops

Fixture Notes
Vanilla / 60 drops

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Is it collaborations week?

Well it feels like it. This week, two exciting (and waited for) collaborations have came to reality, which is including a couple of one of the biggest designers in the industry today.

Alexander Wang x H&M
Finally (I gasped as I watched the announced video). Released on Saturday, on instrgram, Alexander Wang announced this future collab to look forward to with the swedish store H&M, following the footsteps of Versace, Karl Lagerfield and Margiela. Wang is one of the most admired designers at the moment, with his recent catwalks and designs trickling down to stores worldwide. The video used for instagram was simple, with the numbers "11" & "6", hinting the release date of November 6th.

Mary Katrantzou x Addidas

With Topshops x Addidas collab just recently released, which gained successful press and attention from Topshop lovers like myself, it looks like Addidas aren't finished yet. Also to be released in Novemeber and announced this week, the floral, digital print designer will be collaborating with the Label. Excited, I sure am!


Monday, 14 April 2014

What's Interested Me This Week?

Mixing modern media/music culture with historic art? It can be done! This week, I found myself drawn into David Redon's recent pieces, recreating historic soviet propaganda 1950 posters into todays modern a-list stars. Huge inspiration I find this, and his other work, due to the fact showing mixing decades can have its benefits.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Whats Interested me This week?: Emoji Nation

Emoji's I feel are taking over near everything, well close? With them being used millions of times today by social platforms and mobile phones, there is no doubt they are are now being mixed with fashion and art. First Karl Lagerfeld creating emoji's of himself, and now this week, artist Nastya Nudnik is combining 20th century art with the 21st century emotion, of placing emojis/social platforms onto to paintings, giving them emotion and a story.
Personally, it's fascinating, showing how much we really do depend on the internet and technology today to express our own emotions, and also reality.


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Shoesessions Newest Post!

Shoesession is my little side blog, I made expressing my obsession of shoes. It's about self - promotion and exploring what I love. Just added, post about the outstanding Sophia Webster and her shoes.
Take a look here!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Is our idea going to work? - process

After research and research in innovative, and mainstream perfumes, we have stayed open-minded, and have got to the idea of creating a perfume which will benefit the consumer not just for smell, but to with future and additional benefits. Innovation is our key concept we are working around, so what have we discovered?

basic facts we have covered to get us started, to show where the fragrance market is at the moment in terms of the consumer. 

Fragrance sales, and Skincare are close in percentage. This shows, both types of products are essential to a average consumer. This shows there is strong correlation to both types of products.

Showing us where is popular for purchases of fragrance. Can skincare be a usual product there too?

Skincare that contains a fragrance is second to top, showing consumers will show huge demand for a type of product combining the both.

Using Mintel, we have been able to see what consumers are currently doing, and wanting, such as popular outlets and stats. This is our starting point, showing what correlates together and what does not.

From then on we are able to work on our consumer. We have also landed this idea of Skincare combined fragrance, due to many woman today, being more aware of health and future appearance. More woman, are wanting to try new things as well, making an innovative and beneficial idea an exciting project for the market.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fragrance Project:Our Idea?

Fragrance project, being one of the most exciting projects I have been able to take part in so far in education, and being in University, what better time to experiment? Through research in our own time, before trips, we decided we wanted to create a fragrance which is innovative, and beneficial in not just a way of smelling good, but in other forms. During out trips to Nottingham and London, we looked at a selection of innovative perfumes, and perfume brands. We looked into;

  • Packagaing
  • the idea
  • it's benefits
  • the price
  • the consumer
  • visual merchandising
  • the brand.
Some of the products and brands/products we looked at on both trips:

Hair Perfume

Laundry Perfume

DKNY BE DELICIOUS SKIN - hydrating perfume

other fragrances include; Ink Fragrance, Swallowable Fragrance, and Unusual Scents

Innovative stores and visuals (stores & exhibitions LONDON):
Beyond the Object: Exhib