Thursday, 20 March 2014

David Bailey's Stardust

Last week, during my day of interviews for internships in London, I was lucky enough to go and visit the David Bailey's Exhibition: Stardust. Starting in Feb I have been dying to go, so I had so much excitement walking around. Th exhibition was about David himself, picking out his favourite all time images for the past decades, with some ranging from the 1960/70's to present time. Some of my favourite all time images made an appearance, such as the Penelope Tree, Andy Warhol x Salvador Dali, Jack Nicholson, famous skull life images, and even some of Bailey's Sculptures.
Throughout the exhibition, everything was sectioned to his experiences and inspirations. His diverse concepts and also use of variety of cameras, such as camera phones, this exhibition had something for everyone.
Here are some of my most memorable images of the exhibition;

want to visit the exhibition? click here!

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