Friday, 21 March 2014

What's interested me this week?: First Kiss Video

Like most people with a social platform account, such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, you will know about the video that took the world wide web by storm last week. 'The First Kiss' directed and created by Melissa Coker, founder of the clothing company Wren, has been shared and veiwed on youtube has gained a whooping 65 Million views since release date 11th March 2014. The video features 20 models, all strangers, to meet and kiss for the first time on the spot. "Everyone was a volunteer" Coker stated "Everything that you see is 100 percent authentic and real and exactly as how the video explains it.".  From then on the 3 minute video, shows some what people will call love at first site, to awkwardness.
From that the video has gained paradoy's and remakes such as Jimmy Falcon's remake featuring dogs, and 'non-model' version.
Personally I love the video. It shows true engagement and sparks you can have with a stranger, and defines the meaning of love at first site. The fact it's been shared and viewed so much this past week, is down to social network users, like myself, relatable and concept everyone desires. I'm expecting more views to hit high numbers, and its still circling the internet. But just makes me think, what will be the next internet phenomenon?

Watch the video here!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

David Bailey's Stardust

Last week, during my day of interviews for internships in London, I was lucky enough to go and visit the David Bailey's Exhibition: Stardust. Starting in Feb I have been dying to go, so I had so much excitement walking around. Th exhibition was about David himself, picking out his favourite all time images for the past decades, with some ranging from the 1960/70's to present time. Some of my favourite all time images made an appearance, such as the Penelope Tree, Andy Warhol x Salvador Dali, Jack Nicholson, famous skull life images, and even some of Bailey's Sculptures.
Throughout the exhibition, everything was sectioned to his experiences and inspirations. His diverse concepts and also use of variety of cameras, such as camera phones, this exhibition had something for everyone.
Here are some of my most memorable images of the exhibition;

want to visit the exhibition? click here!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fragrance Advert Essay, What Am I looking at?

There's so many perfume commercials and ads which I adore, so choosing wasn't easier! However one that stood out for me most last year, which was all over the TV screens, more than magazines is the Chanel - CoCo Madaemoisell. Both TV AD and Magazine AD are huge interest to me! Also, shot by one of my favourite photographers, and starring a huge admired model and actress of mine Keira Knightly. I feel this ad is riddled with character, and inspirations, making exploring more in depth exciting. 

found in I.D Magazine, Pre-Spring 2014

(clips taken from TV AD for the product and campaign) 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

London Trip - Looking more Into Fragrance

So yesterday, we took a dayout of university, to go and visit somewhere close to home for me, London! I love London, the shopping and the atmosphere, and not to mention the large amount of independent shops and businesses with huge potential. During my groups time there, to crack on for this fragrance project, we visited stores such as; Liberty's, Penhaligons, fragrance stores around Covent Garden, and also an exhibition which I feel would be huge help with bottle design, the Dale Chihuliy - Beyond The Object.
All places was a big help for our research, as we looked in Visuals, Employees, facts about innovative and high street perfumes, and also gain inspiration and an idea for our own.