Thursday, 20 February 2014

Alberta Ferriti - Kick off Milan Fashion Week

Earth tones and delicate shade gliding down the runway for first of many shows to the start of Milan Fashion Week. Colour palette of greens, browns, navy, burgundy’s, and oranges this collection fitted perfectly with Autumn/Winter moods and brought a warm atmosphere to the show.
Starting with a deep lime green, and frilly layered texture, on a small, in at the waist line dress kick started the show. With tones of green varying throughout, the whole collection gave the experience of a bright, autumn garden and leaves. We saw detailing from flower stitching, showing petals and leaves, to tassles made of out plastic and sequins. True warm ups of fur, and heavy coats made an appearance. Accessories such a big heavy pearls, dark green coloured, gave the some of the garments such as big heavy boyfriend coats and touch of feminity, complimenting the fitted dresses. We saw from what can be day to day wear, to night with lace & satin fabrics used for dresses, and elegant shapes. Textures ranging from wool, cotton, fur to knit wear.
The collection shows themes of animals, a portray of an autumn woodland environment. The collections shades grew lighter throughout, still using earth tones to portray autumn feel.
A favourite from the collection was the black lace dress finishing the show, with small waist and long flowing length. The lighter shades working up to it showed representation of day to night in the woodland, with the black representing night. The collection was gothic, warm, organic and elegant, and is a huge start to kick off Milan Fashion week.

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