Thursday, 27 February 2014

Advert pick!

I love advertising, and clever ideas to capture an audience, and while watching tele this advert stuck in my mind, and thought it was brilliant. Using Illusions and art, to create an upbeat, memorable Honda ad.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Booklet Packaging Inspirations

Pinterest and Designspration has literately been my number one source for my packaging ideas, here are my favourites of what I've found,

Monday, 24 February 2014

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Obsession Obsession Obsession

As much as I love reviewing, talking about my experiences and what not, my true love lies in shoes. See a small slice of what I am obsessed with.

Alberta Ferriti - Kick off Milan Fashion Week

Earth tones and delicate shade gliding down the runway for first of many shows to the start of Milan Fashion Week. Colour palette of greens, browns, navy, burgundy’s, and oranges this collection fitted perfectly with Autumn/Winter moods and brought a warm atmosphere to the show.
Starting with a deep lime green, and frilly layered texture, on a small, in at the waist line dress kick started the show. With tones of green varying throughout, the whole collection gave the experience of a bright, autumn garden and leaves. We saw detailing from flower stitching, showing petals and leaves, to tassles made of out plastic and sequins. True warm ups of fur, and heavy coats made an appearance. Accessories such a big heavy pearls, dark green coloured, gave the some of the garments such as big heavy boyfriend coats and touch of feminity, complimenting the fitted dresses. We saw from what can be day to day wear, to night with lace & satin fabrics used for dresses, and elegant shapes. Textures ranging from wool, cotton, fur to knit wear.
The collection shows themes of animals, a portray of an autumn woodland environment. The collections shades grew lighter throughout, still using earth tones to portray autumn feel.
A favourite from the collection was the black lace dress finishing the show, with small waist and long flowing length. The lighter shades working up to it showed representation of day to night in the woodland, with the black representing night. The collection was gothic, warm, organic and elegant, and is a huge start to kick off Milan Fashion week.


There are too many people that inspire me in the art & fashion industry, it's pretty hard to pick who is my top. However, I have who inspires me the most, as a person motivation wise, and with creativity and style. These both being Katie Grand & Isabella Blow. Both memorable in many ways, these woman have changed fashion for what it is today, and have become iconic in the industry, either for its fashion sense, or it's creativity.

Known for the being Philip Traceys muse, Isabella Blow is one of the most influential editors in the world. Known for discovering big model names and designers, such as McQueen, Stella Tennant and Sophie Dahl, Blow has inspired many people in the creative industry today, either through style or work.
Her career began when she first got hired by Anna Wintour’s assistant (editor of US Vogue) which there she had moved to New York and made friends with big names such as Andy Warhol & Jean-Michel-Basquiat. She then found herself for assisting Andre Leon Talley(US Vogue’s editor-at-large).
From then on her career has moved to being fashion director for Sunday Times Style magazine and Tatler.  Her career also resulted into producing Steven Meisel’s photoshoot, Babes In London featuring Plum Sykes, Bella Freud, and Honor Fraser.
Isabella Blow has influence many editors, designers, musicians, and artists, either in work or her natural sense style and eye and people to embrace their own talents. People such as Lady Gaga are heavily influenced by her fashion, as her to have a huge enthusiasm for Philip Tracey’s hats and McQueen. She has changed fashion and has brought out the biggest names in the industry.
Isabella blow is a influence for myself due to the fact and that I admire McQueen hugely. She’s changed many lives, and shown that fashion is her true passion. She gave everything up for fashion, and went the extra mile not just for herself but for other people to in the industry. 

Known as the founder of one of the biggest Bi-annual magazines LOVE, Katie Grand is a huge influence for me, and many stylists, photographers and journalists around. She began her career styling at Central St Martins University, which at the time was also working for the newly launched magazine at the time Dazed & Confused. During working at Dazed she helped out with styling and directing fashion shoots. Later THE FACE style magazine then brought her, where she carried on her path of Fashion Director.
She then moved on into becoming Chief Editor of POP magazine, where she made some friends such as Agyness Deyn, Madonna, and top designers such as Stella McCartney, Luella Bartley, Muiccada Prada, and Giles Deacon.
She has styled and worked on catwalk shows for Topshop, Louis Vuitton, Prada & Giles.
I feel Katie Grand is a huge influence on myself, as I read and collect magazines, such as POP and LOVE myself. Throughout her work and career, she shows true passion and motivation to fashion. She has directed and styled some of the most memorable recent brand campaigns such as Marc Jacobs with Miley Cyrus shoot which was released in January.

She has inspired many photographers and stylists, with people in the industry beginning to work with her, purely because she is all about taking risks. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Margiela A/W 2014 collection live!

Its 11.25pm here, and 6.25pm NYC time and I am currently sitting in my room feeling a  mixture of in love, and sadness knowing I won't be able to get my hands on any of this. Breathe taking, clean and beautiful is what was running through my mind as the show ended. Margiela never fails to bring minimalism and yet experimental creativity to the catwalk. Like many of his collections, the monochrome style with a bit of colour splash was not a shock, but however flowed perfectly with the designs and box shapes of the collection. Opening the catwalk with singer Sean Nicholas Savage, behind the unravelling curtains, I knew this was going to be one of the most memorable collections of the week.
Starting the collection was a all white jacket and skirt, finished with knee high black boots, with round shape at the top (Alexander Wang popped into mind, as they are similar to his A/W 2014 collection shoe type). However from then on, it was a selection of monochromes, with white basic shirts, which is a famous statement for Margiela, and layering, with ‘unfinished’ distorted detailing, such as ties and knots on skirts and dresses.
From then on, the collection showed some vibrant shades, preferably colours I would expect to see during Spring/Summer, however it’s Margiela, unpredictable is what he’s good at. Oranges and reds flowed down the runway, mixed in with the monochrome. Such as long red clingy knit dress, showing collarbones and chest, giving off a sophisticated, feminine elegancy.
The collection has a masculine feel, keeping with the signature style. Long, school-boy shorts made an appearance, in black satin fabric to heavy, knits in warm oranges and reds. With that,folded fabric large clutches, another big love of mine we’re seen a few times. The collection held pure elegance, was clean and simple, with a masculine, unfinished look, a clash on both ends. A top highlight for me was ‘dungaree’ dresses, and high waisted over bust shorts, showing a clear 1960 school-child themes.
Overall the collection was a breath of fresh air to New York Fashion week. It’s ever-flowing sophisticated attitude throughout the show made me excited for more. It was a perfect balance to femininity and masculinity, and is one of the most perfect shows to top off the week. 

watch the show here

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pictures available asap, watch this space

Monday, 10 February 2014


Post from my own, working personal blog chazabella, this is my latest style post. Full post available on link.

Mess Magazine

Well, good news is, I'm now a contributor as an assistant writer for Mess Magazine. It's a up to date, all round new fashion online magazine. 

Read some of my latest coverage on New York Fashion week just been!