Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The 2013 do's & the don'ts we won't miss!

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Well, that’s another year gone by, and I must admit, compared to last, this year had some iconic moments in the fashion & showbiz industry. Let’s not forget Miley Cyrus gone bad, Jennifer Laurence falling up the stairs at the Oscars, and Kim and Kanye becoming Kimye. However, it’s been a year of trends, and well fashion fads which are hoping never make an appearance in 2014, EVER!

Starting with the don’ts,  number one on my list is Tamara Mellon, ex-Jimmy Choo boss and her ridiculous ‘boot’ design, priced at £1,600 a pair. So what do you imagine? Normal pair of leather boots right, close to a style of Jimmy Choo themselves. No, Meet the Legging Boot. Yes, it’s self explanatory; it’s a pair of leggings with boots attached to the end, all completely leather. Personally I feel its just unpractical, and other what seem a pain to get on and off. I’m not a fan of thigh boots themselves, but I think this just brings my hate to a whole new level. Mellon’s idea has only hit the stores in late 2013,I haven’t seen many a-listers embracing this new trend, so let’s hope it doesn’t make a huge impact in 2014.

My second big don’t is the Jil Sander Beanie Veil (ss/ 2012), which I first laid my eyes on in Miley Cyrus’s music video ‘We Can’t Stop’ released during the summer. I’m a big fan of beanies; I own a few myself but I’m not much a fan of having net dangling at the front. I’m not sure what the look of the style is trying to tell? It mainly just reminds me of those younger days when trying to dress ‘punk & alternative’ in school. Luckily I haven’t seen much of appearance in this design for a while since the summer, and hopefully Miley especially can keep it that way.

And lastly, saving the worst for last are wedged trainers. From the start, I feel they have NEVER been ok, or for that attractive. Being a topshop employee, the wedged trainer increased with popularity, selling loads weekly. It mainly started from being seen on the Chloe catwalk and soon trickling down to stores such as Kurt Geiger, Dune, Aldo & Topshop. With that the popularity grew when famous faces such as Kim Karadashian, Kristen Stewart & Linsdey Lohan. However when put with the right items, they can look good so maybe there’s hope!

It's the do's! I still need to get one of these babies, but I am still on the hunt for the perfect one at the same time (prefably one that’s neon!) However, I have seen this item on countless blogs, and to some might look ridiculous but to me was a huge fashion statement for the year, that is Perspex clutch bags. Known to come in styles of neon, completely transparent, envelope shaped and boxed these clutch bags (and sometimes bag) are a huge wardrobe must, bring a futuristic taste to your wardrobe. Trickled down from Masion Martin Margiela, and can be seen in stores like topshop, misguided and also for a cheap bargain on ebay.

Another statement that I feel has made a huge impact, especially on lookbook & tumblr are the printed designer tshirts, modified logos to bring a bit of mockery to fashion. Seen on celebrities such as Cara Delevingne, the tshirt phase grew and is mainly easy to find on ebay! Personal favourites we’re tshirts which said, ‘Celine me Alone’ or ‘S’aint No Laurent’.

The biggest DO of the year goes to the Skort, which has literally blown the high street especially away! First seen in stores like Zara for £25, the Skort has been modified and developed to fit most highstreet stores images and can be brought almost anywhere. Skorts are normally known for a sporting garment for tennis, but with sporting gear becoming a more 'fashion approved' statement a skort was so exception! I feel the skirt and short idea put together, makes putting a classy or even dressy outfit together, with the practicality of shorts!

I’m excited to see what’s in store for 2014, and you never know any other these can bring back a huge appearance, and will hopefully lead on new trends to come!

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