Thursday, 16 January 2014

New York Trip / Overall Summary

Well let's just say I wish I was reliving last week right now. New York, a place I have always been wanting to visit from a young age, and to be honest until I got on to the plane it didn't feel real. As soon as we landed and made our way to the hotel, it was already late but that didn't stop us. the first stop was at the Empire state building, which personally was breathtaking and I'm so glad we got to experience it at night!
From that night, the sight see-er lover I am, I as eager to get around, which lead on a week involving Grand Central, Ground Zero, Times Square (too many times), Williamsburg, Brooklyn and of course stores like Bloomingdales & Macy's. Also a memorable visit to the Jean Paul Gaultier: The Fashion World exhib @ Brooklyn Museum.
Soon to be uploading a New York purchase haul, so keep an eye out. However in the meantime, he's some of my favourite shots!

Dates 6th Jan - 11th Jan 2014

 central park was looking like a winter wonderland
 empire state views
 thrift shopping @ Beacons Closet. one of my favourite bloggers stores, check her here

@ I hate Perfume. remarkable and imaginative. truly brilliant to visit. Its you're very own 'scent' gallery.

tea @ House of Small Wonders in Williamsburg

tea @ House of Small Wonders in Williamsburg


let's walk through Williamsburg..

check back for haul & jean paul gaultier exhibition review

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