Monday, 20 January 2014

New York Trip / Jean Paul Gaultier: The Fashion World

"The oddessy, dabbed fashions enfant terrible or bad boy by the press, from the time of his first runway shows, Paul is arguably one of the most important fashion designers in the decade. Very early, his avant garde fashions reflected an understanding of a diverse society's issues and preoccupations challenging with invariable good humour established societal and aesthetic conventions."
Let's start this with what my immediate thought was when leaving the exhibition.. Amazing. I adored every part of it, and not to mention the 'living mannequins', truly memorable. It started with arriving at the museum, in Brooklyn, which to be honest wasn't a 100% easy route, however we got there in one piece, yay! Paying for entry, which was at $10 dollars, I was eager to get in and start exploring. I had no expectations, I was open minded about it all, but from first walking in a knew I'll fall in love with it. The first room was the most remarkable, with the living manniquins, of not just models wearing the garments but one of himself!

From then on, I explored, noting down some of my favourite garments along the way. The imagery and photography displayed in the exhibition gave me huge inspiration, with images such as 'Invitation to Dance with Ellena Sudakova' which reminded me alot of McQueen x Damien Hirst video which came out back in 2013.  These are some of my favourite images from the exhibition.

In addition I was in love with some a garments from the redlight district based ones, to punk (huge fan of the punk stereotype). Also relating to my brandzine, couple of pieces such as a the 'naked body printed jersey dress' showed true aspects of Margiela. 

'Margiela essence'

However one peice which really stood out for me was the 'Animal Skin' dress, which from a distance looked just like your average fur gown, however was all individually beaded to create texture and print. 
image taken from google

Overall the exhibition was unforgettable and truely recommend it. It made me more excited for the future of Jean Paul, and what's to come in form of technology and fashion. What I took from this was that Jean Paul holds a diverse humour, however is about empowering woman for who they are, such as the corset dresses which symbolize power and sensuality.

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