Sunday, 5 January 2014

Mulberry SS 2014 Campaign Review

I'm really excited that Mulberrys 2014 SS campaign has been launched, as I am a huge fan of they're campaigns, due to the wackyness, surreal feel and of course the Tim Walker touch. 

The new SS collection was about being floral, with a bit of a 70's/80's inspiration print. Inspired by British gardens, and flowers, with a graphical taste mixed with stripes and patterns. 60's icon Julie Christie's fashion and personality also played a big part in the collection, inspiring shape and attitude. 

As usual they used Cara Delevingne to be the face of the campaign, and due to her 'cute' features I feel it fits the campaign and collection perfectly, with its innocent, warm feeling. Having animals in the campaign was no shock, just like the SS14 catwalk. However instead of just having foxes, birds and other woodland creatures like last years AW, they used a variety breeds of dogs, mainly British and also horses. This keeps the British themes in the collection alive. With that, they are surrounded by variety of British flowers and roses, placed to look like a summers day, tea party in a garden. The poses, and imagery is all very delicate, and fits perfectly with the campaign, using real flowers as environment clashing with the floral, graphic prints on the garments. 

I feel the campaign, is strong in terms of portraying not just season but also the collection, creating connection and adding themes linking to others. They also clearly stuck to they're roots of signature style, using animals, and props, making the image very busy from left to right, and also they're heritage. Using Cara Delevingne is classic, keeping up with they're other recent campaigns as well. Also with her unusual look, it fits well with the garments and themes, creating a clash, from soft to hard. 

However, If I could change anything it is that, I would add more surrealism to the image, like they're last campaigns, due to the fact I feel this campaign is very safe. Apart from that, the campaign is a breathe of fresh air with the pastel colours, and delicate posing, bringing an innocent, 'springs on its way' feel. 

Unfortunately the campaign video isn't yet released, but I will review it as soon as it pops up!

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