Friday, 3 January 2014

Article: FAST LOVE / recap

Recently, writing for Platform magazine, I have been able to work on my writing skills, being able to develop myself, which is beneficial due to myself wanting to be in Fashion Journalism in future, or atleast see if its for me! So I thought this is a perfect time to recap on one of Novembers lectures on article writing and summarising.

Article: FAST LOVE / Star Magazine
Summary: 'Blow' Salon opening
Newspaper Magazine

Summarising the article;

Main Points
- New opening of the 'blow' salons. 
- Advertising and promotion
- The new salons are about promoting 'feeling good'
- fast, quick salon process. New & upcoming. 
- salon revolution 
- Sister salon to the company named CHEEKY

Key themes, issues and/or questions
- Is it as convenient as it promotes?
- about / Macintash' Qs
- What impact will it have?
- Is it a good idea, advantages and disadvantages

Who is this aimed at?
- mums, busy, working woman
- loyal readers to the magazine/newspaper
- fashionistas 

What was it published for?
- Advertisement, promotion & awareness
- Grazia, Elle, My Wardrobe, 

What do I think about the article?
I feel the article throughout was very informative, and was persuading promoting the idea. Is a huge bemfit to the company and is more about positive points. 

Research methods?
- Quotations and interviews were involved.  (2 people interviewed)
- Public ops and marketing
- Cultural Refrences / Apple, Grazia, Elle, My Wardrobe, Modern Woman, 

Tone of voice?
- Informal, talkative, questions
- involving the reader
- Readership, demographic
- free press, advertisement

The beauty, The Grooming, woman on the go

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