Thursday, 23 January 2014

Chanel Haute Couture ss14

Where's my preppy jackets and skirts, and most of all where are my trainers!? That's whats going through my mind right now after watching Chanels ss14 Haute Couture show. This has to be my favourite since they're spring/summer 2012.
My high points of the collection are the combination of the classic Chanel small waist, and wide out skirt, but mixed with modern street style of trainers. Dashed with pastel colours, glitter under the eyes and wacky hair (which I admit, I love to). The relaxed mood of the show, just gave the whole collection a personality, of young, fun, and well colourful!

Monday, 20 January 2014

New York Trip / Jean Paul Gaultier: The Fashion World

"The oddessy, dabbed fashions enfant terrible or bad boy by the press, from the time of his first runway shows, Paul is arguably one of the most important fashion designers in the decade. Very early, his avant garde fashions reflected an understanding of a diverse society's issues and preoccupations challenging with invariable good humour established societal and aesthetic conventions."
Let's start this with what my immediate thought was when leaving the exhibition.. Amazing. I adored every part of it, and not to mention the 'living mannequins', truly memorable. It started with arriving at the museum, in Brooklyn, which to be honest wasn't a 100% easy route, however we got there in one piece, yay! Paying for entry, which was at $10 dollars, I was eager to get in and start exploring. I had no expectations, I was open minded about it all, but from first walking in a knew I'll fall in love with it. The first room was the most remarkable, with the living manniquins, of not just models wearing the garments but one of himself!

From then on, I explored, noting down some of my favourite garments along the way. The imagery and photography displayed in the exhibition gave me huge inspiration, with images such as 'Invitation to Dance with Ellena Sudakova' which reminded me alot of McQueen x Damien Hirst video which came out back in 2013.  These are some of my favourite images from the exhibition.

In addition I was in love with some a garments from the redlight district based ones, to punk (huge fan of the punk stereotype). Also relating to my brandzine, couple of pieces such as a the 'naked body printed jersey dress' showed true aspects of Margiela. 

'Margiela essence'

However one peice which really stood out for me was the 'Animal Skin' dress, which from a distance looked just like your average fur gown, however was all individually beaded to create texture and print. 
image taken from google

Overall the exhibition was unforgettable and truely recommend it. It made me more excited for the future of Jean Paul, and what's to come in form of technology and fashion. What I took from this was that Jean Paul holds a diverse humour, however is about empowering woman for who they are, such as the corset dresses which symbolize power and sensuality.

Saturday, 18 January 2014


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Reliving my wishlist post, and my pink coat haul, I'm still in love and crazy about this jacket. It's kept me warm in the -10 degree weather in NY, and also has brought a bit of life to my winter wardrobe! Pink, is going to be a big colour this coming winter and spring, as pink coats are now appearing everywhere on the highstreet and catwalk, so I definitely recommend in going a bit crazy and pop that bit of colour.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

New York Trip / Overall Summary

Well let's just say I wish I was reliving last week right now. New York, a place I have always been wanting to visit from a young age, and to be honest until I got on to the plane it didn't feel real. As soon as we landed and made our way to the hotel, it was already late but that didn't stop us. the first stop was at the Empire state building, which personally was breathtaking and I'm so glad we got to experience it at night!
From that night, the sight see-er lover I am, I as eager to get around, which lead on a week involving Grand Central, Ground Zero, Times Square (too many times), Williamsburg, Brooklyn and of course stores like Bloomingdales & Macy's. Also a memorable visit to the Jean Paul Gaultier: The Fashion World exhib @ Brooklyn Museum.
Soon to be uploading a New York purchase haul, so keep an eye out. However in the meantime, he's some of my favourite shots!

Dates 6th Jan - 11th Jan 2014

 central park was looking like a winter wonderland
 empire state views
 thrift shopping @ Beacons Closet. one of my favourite bloggers stores, check her here

@ I hate Perfume. remarkable and imaginative. truly brilliant to visit. Its you're very own 'scent' gallery.

tea @ House of Small Wonders in Williamsburg

tea @ House of Small Wonders in Williamsburg


let's walk through Williamsburg..

check back for haul & jean paul gaultier exhibition review

Monday, 13 January 2014

New York Trip / Style On The Streets

I cannot believe New York is over, and to think I still remember booking my ticket *sigh*. However it was an amazing weekend to say the least. However before I start rambling on about what I done, I want to go over the streetstyle which I took huge close at on the street and instore. I kept my eye out for statement pieces, however nothing which really caught my eye on what London can have.
Fashion always says that America is 3 years behind, and they're right! However, along the way I saw styles which weren't as on trend, but are more personal and creative. Here are my favourites I sneakily snapped around New York, Boorklyn & Williamsburg.

the long, fur coat really made a statement, especially or the -10 weather.

I was in love with this jacket! 

Comfy, grunge and comfortable.

Mixing grunge with punk, he knew how to stand out of the crowd

Indie and cute, perfect for the music he was playing, showing his true personailty

The fur hat was a big one for me, always in love with these hats, anyone can work them!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Mulberry SS 2014 Campaign Review

I'm really excited that Mulberrys 2014 SS campaign has been launched, as I am a huge fan of they're campaigns, due to the wackyness, surreal feel and of course the Tim Walker touch. 

The new SS collection was about being floral, with a bit of a 70's/80's inspiration print. Inspired by British gardens, and flowers, with a graphical taste mixed with stripes and patterns. 60's icon Julie Christie's fashion and personality also played a big part in the collection, inspiring shape and attitude. 

As usual they used Cara Delevingne to be the face of the campaign, and due to her 'cute' features I feel it fits the campaign and collection perfectly, with its innocent, warm feeling. Having animals in the campaign was no shock, just like the SS14 catwalk. However instead of just having foxes, birds and other woodland creatures like last years AW, they used a variety breeds of dogs, mainly British and also horses. This keeps the British themes in the collection alive. With that, they are surrounded by variety of British flowers and roses, placed to look like a summers day, tea party in a garden. The poses, and imagery is all very delicate, and fits perfectly with the campaign, using real flowers as environment clashing with the floral, graphic prints on the garments. 

I feel the campaign, is strong in terms of portraying not just season but also the collection, creating connection and adding themes linking to others. They also clearly stuck to they're roots of signature style, using animals, and props, making the image very busy from left to right, and also they're heritage. Using Cara Delevingne is classic, keeping up with they're other recent campaigns as well. Also with her unusual look, it fits well with the garments and themes, creating a clash, from soft to hard. 

However, If I could change anything it is that, I would add more surrealism to the image, like they're last campaigns, due to the fact I feel this campaign is very safe. Apart from that, the campaign is a breathe of fresh air with the pastel colours, and delicate posing, bringing an innocent, 'springs on its way' feel. 

Unfortunately the campaign video isn't yet released, but I will review it as soon as it pops up!