Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Time does go by

Wow, it still hasn't pproperly sunk in that my first term at trent is over, and I must admit I have already made some life long memories and friends. I can't believe how quickly it's gone, I still remember filling out my UCAS form (never again!) and going through the process of interviews, and now I'm here. During my first term, I've met the most amazing people, saw Disclosure & MsMr, made long life friendships, enjoyed going out, trips, talks, and learning more about myself.
I've gained alot from this past term, course wise, being independent and I've learnt alot about myself. I was worried, nervous and excited on my first day, not knowing what to expect, and preparing myself. However, this term has been such an learning experience for me, I feel more confident in myself, I feel I can actually go out there and do what I want if I put my mind to it, and it's also made me realise what is important. I can't believe I'm saying this but I love being so independent. I'm currently at home, not knowing what to do with myself!
The university, is something I see as home now, so leaving a few days ago was emotional. I'm enjoying my course, and it's making me feel more determined to get what I want out of my life. I constantly feeling inspired since, being more visually aware, and enjoying the little things more often.
As I said, I can't believe it's over, and I'm already counting down the days till I go back, because it'll be a cheeky trip to NEW YORK! I cannot wait!

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