Monday, 9 December 2013

November Overview #1: Burberry Talk with Greg Stogden

I cannot even put into words with how excited I was for this talk. Burberry is a british root brand, known for its leather & famous trench coats, promoting big faces such as Cara Delevingne and actress Emma Watson.
The talk was with Burberry's one very own creative director Greg Stogden, who has been with the brand these recent years. He basically talked about the insight of the brand, its essence and what the experience was like for him working up to the job, and while being part of it Personally I found it extremely interesting as Burberry is a brand that I don't have huge knowledge about, however I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with them in the future, mainly in VM or PR.
The talk ticked all my boxes, and answered all the questions, and gave me a clearer idea and what brands like Burberry expect from a graduate wanting to get into the industry. I found the talk so inspiring due to the fact that th creative director didn't come from a fashion background, and didn't have the knowlodge like some other people do in the industry, although he had the ambitious, positive attitude. It was like taking a breaht of fresh air hearing his story from humble beginnings, to working for TANK & PUTT magazine, and how up an downs all pay off.
He talked about how his hard work, contacts and networks, got him to where he wanted to be, and with years of applying Burberry approached him to join the team. He talked about Burberrys biggest acheivemnets these recent years, such as being the first luxury brand on facebook, how he redesigned the logo, and how also what the experience as like during one of the biggest projects he had worked on, the Burberry Fashion show in Beijing in April 2011. There were videos, to show what work got put into it, with while informing on the experience and ho spectacular it was to be part of it. It was also interesting to hear how the brand was evolving and how it was keeping ahead of the game in trends, technology and attitude.
I felt truly inspired after the talk, knowing such a big based, high recognized brand is so grounded, and true to its roots. I have had a whole new look on what the brand is about, and have confidence in what I am aiming for in the future.

"we don't get a brief to do something, we just do it"

Graduate Questions:
"What do you look for?"
- focus, beliefs, enthusiastic and ambitious. To know the culture of the company, nd also able to be approachable, and prepared to take risks.
Position yourself on how you talk about your past and work, share creative ideas and skills that you want to develop. 

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