Thursday, 12 December 2013

DVF Presentation Overview

Hard work paid off I think! The past month we were briefed, to research, analyse a brand, and to create a new concept, all then put into one presentation which will be shown in front of our seminar groups. The brand we chose for our group, was DVF. Personally at the start of this project, I had very little knowledge of the brand, which made this process an exciting experience. During our research we visited London, where we interviewed the Flagship store brand manager, took images and studied the store. We also held study sessions with my group, and each focused on different points, making this process individual and group work.
I felt I was able to get creative with this project, but also be very theory based. Such as, when creating the new concept, there was no limits, and we were given the opportunity to feel we actually worked for the brand.

What is the brand about?
DVF is a international brand, known for its bright prints, and colours. Each design is true to the designer, Diane Von Furstenberg. She doesn't design to trend, but to her own creativity and ideas, which makes this brand so individual. The brand is about being a 'real woman', and making woman in any size feel confident in shopping in such a high end store. DVF is one for the only brands in that sector which cater up to size 18, which a very few luxury brands do. The clothing is about being practical, and can we worn for day and night use. DVF are known for having there 12 hour dresses, fitting in with the busy woman's lifestyle.

New concept
For the new concept, me and my group thought of creating DVF watches, which the brand haven't full tapped into. However, we needed something which represented the woman who shops for the brand, so we decided in creating lingere, with DVF famous prints, fitting with the body shapes of the dresses instore. Due to DVFs 40th anniversary coming up next year, taking advantage of this we decided on creating 4 different types on lingerie, fitting in with each body shape of 'a real woman', and adapting them with prints from the past 4 decades. This makes the loyal customer feel more involved with the brand, while feeling flawless on top, and under there DVF dress. To support this idea, we decided on giving a few travel case shaped as lips with each lingerie set, and also creating an app, which gives a story behind each print.

We held our presentation last week, 6th Decemeber. I was nervous but also excited ti talk about our findings and our new concept. We recieved positive feedback, and I feel we got the right balance between research on the brand and new concept.

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