Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Coat for New York.. Check!

So on my other blog I made a small wishlist, regarding on items I am currently admiring, (and wanting to purchase at somepoint!) and I'm proud to say thats one off the list. New York is literally around the corner, and I am not looking forward to it's minus 4 degrees weather, however, to make myself feel a little better about the bitter cold, I went out and purchased the coat I have literally fell in love with this past month. With that in mind, baby pink, coral and all other shades are going to making a huge appearance in the first few months of 2014. My inner girly girl is slowly coming out, and therefore this means I reason to embrace this trend even more.
The coat is £45 reduced from £98 from Topshop, absolute bargin! It's thick, wool textured, and is the length to my knees. Keeping up with the boyfriend coat shape that's been going on for most of 2013, the coat has a broad, square shape to it, making it compliment chunky boots and skinnies.
I know with the colour, your all probably thinking 'a coat needs to be practical, is the colour too much?'. I admit, I thought that but nothing like a bit of clashing with purple/red lippy, black, greys, whites and even pastel colours the brightness of the coat flows together perfectly, and from this it' a huge must item to have!

about the pink 2014 winter trend here
want it? buy here


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