Tuesday, 17 December 2013

BlackMilk x Adventure Time

(repost from Chazabella!)

Okay, so this is a massive deal for me. I am a massive fan for BlackMilk, with it's star wars & lord of the rings dresses and leggings (yes I'm a big fan of the films too)! However, I am a huge Adventure Time lover, it's a guilty pleasure, so this one is a big one. Black Milk recently released an Adventure Time collection, with bright vibrant leggings and childish dresses. The child-theme show has had a lot of popularity this past year, grabbing audiences in most countries, and due to that popularity Black Milk saw an opportunity and took it!
So to you all of you adventure time fans, like me you'll be adding this to your Christmas basket!

campign ad here!
view the collection here!

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