Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Coat for New York.. Check!

So on my other blog I made a small wishlist, regarding on items I am currently admiring, (and wanting to purchase at somepoint!) and I'm proud to say thats one off the list. New York is literally around the corner, and I am not looking forward to it's minus 4 degrees weather, however, to make myself feel a little better about the bitter cold, I went out and purchased the coat I have literally fell in love with this past month. With that in mind, baby pink, coral and all other shades are going to making a huge appearance in the first few months of 2014. My inner girly girl is slowly coming out, and therefore this means I reason to embrace this trend even more.
The coat is £45 reduced from £98 from Topshop, absolute bargin! It's thick, wool textured, and is the length to my knees. Keeping up with the boyfriend coat shape that's been going on for most of 2013, the coat has a broad, square shape to it, making it compliment chunky boots and skinnies.
I know with the colour, your all probably thinking 'a coat needs to be practical, is the colour too much?'. I admit, I thought that but nothing like a bit of clashing with purple/red lippy, black, greys, whites and even pastel colours the brightness of the coat flows together perfectly, and from this it' a huge must item to have!

about the pink 2014 winter trend here
want it? buy here


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Inspiring Pins of the Week 191213

here's my top pins from this week

Double Exposure by Antonio Mora aka Mylovt


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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

BlackMilk x Adventure Time

(repost from Chazabella!)

Okay, so this is a massive deal for me. I am a massive fan for BlackMilk, with it's star wars & lord of the rings dresses and leggings (yes I'm a big fan of the films too)! However, I am a huge Adventure Time lover, it's a guilty pleasure, so this one is a big one. Black Milk recently released an Adventure Time collection, with bright vibrant leggings and childish dresses. The child-theme show has had a lot of popularity this past year, grabbing audiences in most countries, and due to that popularity Black Milk saw an opportunity and took it!
So to you all of you adventure time fans, like me you'll be adding this to your Christmas basket!

campign ad here!
view the collection here!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

DVF Presentation Overview

Hard work paid off I think! The past month we were briefed, to research, analyse a brand, and to create a new concept, all then put into one presentation which will be shown in front of our seminar groups. The brand we chose for our group, was DVF. Personally at the start of this project, I had very little knowledge of the brand, which made this process an exciting experience. During our research we visited London, where we interviewed the Flagship store brand manager, took images and studied the store. We also held study sessions with my group, and each focused on different points, making this process individual and group work.
I felt I was able to get creative with this project, but also be very theory based. Such as, when creating the new concept, there was no limits, and we were given the opportunity to feel we actually worked for the brand.

What is the brand about?
DVF is a international brand, known for its bright prints, and colours. Each design is true to the designer, Diane Von Furstenberg. She doesn't design to trend, but to her own creativity and ideas, which makes this brand so individual. The brand is about being a 'real woman', and making woman in any size feel confident in shopping in such a high end store. DVF is one for the only brands in that sector which cater up to size 18, which a very few luxury brands do. The clothing is about being practical, and can we worn for day and night use. DVF are known for having there 12 hour dresses, fitting in with the busy woman's lifestyle.

New concept
For the new concept, me and my group thought of creating DVF watches, which the brand haven't full tapped into. However, we needed something which represented the woman who shops for the brand, so we decided in creating lingere, with DVF famous prints, fitting with the body shapes of the dresses instore. Due to DVFs 40th anniversary coming up next year, taking advantage of this we decided on creating 4 different types on lingerie, fitting in with each body shape of 'a real woman', and adapting them with prints from the past 4 decades. This makes the loyal customer feel more involved with the brand, while feeling flawless on top, and under there DVF dress. To support this idea, we decided on giving a few travel case shaped as lips with each lingerie set, and also creating an app, which gives a story behind each print.

We held our presentation last week, 6th Decemeber. I was nervous but also excited ti talk about our findings and our new concept. We recieved positive feedback, and I feel we got the right balance between research on the brand and new concept.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Time does go by

Wow, it still hasn't pproperly sunk in that my first term at trent is over, and I must admit I have already made some life long memories and friends. I can't believe how quickly it's gone, I still remember filling out my UCAS form (never again!) and going through the process of interviews, and now I'm here. During my first term, I've met the most amazing people, saw Disclosure & MsMr, made long life friendships, enjoyed going out, trips, talks, and learning more about myself.
I've gained alot from this past term, course wise, being independent and I've learnt alot about myself. I was worried, nervous and excited on my first day, not knowing what to expect, and preparing myself. However, this term has been such an learning experience for me, I feel more confident in myself, I feel I can actually go out there and do what I want if I put my mind to it, and it's also made me realise what is important. I can't believe I'm saying this but I love being so independent. I'm currently at home, not knowing what to do with myself!
The university, is something I see as home now, so leaving a few days ago was emotional. I'm enjoying my course, and it's making me feel more determined to get what I want out of my life. I constantly feeling inspired since, being more visually aware, and enjoying the little things more often.
As I said, I can't believe it's over, and I'm already counting down the days till I go back, because it'll be a cheeky trip to NEW YORK! I cannot wait!

Monday, 9 December 2013

November Overview #1: Burberry Talk with Greg Stogden

I cannot even put into words with how excited I was for this talk. Burberry is a british root brand, known for its leather & famous trench coats, promoting big faces such as Cara Delevingne and actress Emma Watson.
The talk was with Burberry's one very own creative director Greg Stogden, who has been with the brand these recent years. He basically talked about the insight of the brand, its essence and what the experience was like for him working up to the job, and while being part of it Personally I found it extremely interesting as Burberry is a brand that I don't have huge knowledge about, however I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with them in the future, mainly in VM or PR.
The talk ticked all my boxes, and answered all the questions, and gave me a clearer idea and what brands like Burberry expect from a graduate wanting to get into the industry. I found the talk so inspiring due to the fact that th creative director didn't come from a fashion background, and didn't have the knowlodge like some other people do in the industry, although he had the ambitious, positive attitude. It was like taking a breaht of fresh air hearing his story from humble beginnings, to working for TANK & PUTT magazine, and how up an downs all pay off.
He talked about how his hard work, contacts and networks, got him to where he wanted to be, and with years of applying Burberry approached him to join the team. He talked about Burberrys biggest acheivemnets these recent years, such as being the first luxury brand on facebook, how he redesigned the logo, and how also what the experience as like during one of the biggest projects he had worked on, the Burberry Fashion show in Beijing in April 2011. There were videos, to show what work got put into it, with while informing on the experience and ho spectacular it was to be part of it. It was also interesting to hear how the brand was evolving and how it was keeping ahead of the game in trends, technology and attitude.
I felt truly inspired after the talk, knowing such a big based, high recognized brand is so grounded, and true to its roots. I have had a whole new look on what the brand is about, and have confidence in what I am aiming for in the future.

"we don't get a brief to do something, we just do it"

Graduate Questions:
"What do you look for?"
- focus, beliefs, enthusiastic and ambitious. To know the culture of the company, nd also able to be approachable, and prepared to take risks.
Position yourself on how you talk about your past and work, share creative ideas and skills that you want to develop. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

Get your knit out for the grunges!

Finally, winters coming, so bring out you're over sized knits and cotton socks! I have notcied, the trends for knits this year have been dramatic compared to last, with most stores experiementing with textures, colours, fabrics and prints. I must admit, I'd love to own near every knit I 'fall in love' with, but that is finacially impossible, so why not make a wish list? I feel the knits that have caught my eyes the most this coming up winter are the Fluffy, leather x wool & ad the mini crop top knits, all mostly seen in stores like Yayer.co.uk & Topshop.
The grunge style of knits, the baggy and the edgy are a one trend I am enthusastic about this winter, as it's all about layering of knits. Big names who trickled down this trend was big names such as Mark Fast with his 90's inspired bright colours and rough textures, with the cute crop.

Find my recommended knits and further more here at Yayer & Topshop

all jumpers above are topshop.co.uk