Saturday, 23 November 2013

Eyes of Horus Hits the UK - PLATFORM MAGAZINE POST

At last, woman in the UK get the chance to experience one of Australia’s biggest beauty brands, Eyes Of Horus. The brand is about making woman feel empowered, healthy, gorgeous, and glowing with affordable prices and high quality products. I mean who doesn’t want to feel ‘royal’ and flawless? Each product isn’t tested on animals; it’s also paraben-free and is filled with essential oils and natural waxes. Sounding good? The brand I feel will make a massive hit in the UK, along sides competitors such as Benefit makeup, which is also known for its skincare and high quality makeup.

The brand itself if about aiming they’re make-up and products to any age group, from teenage girls, to older woman. Founded by Holly Speirings, and her partner in crime, Amy Lenanne, who is also a make-up artist. They both teamed up with beauty retail expert and sisters Nicole Speirings & business entrepreneur Heather Speirings. Tapping into the UK is a huge benefit to the brand as there is a gap in the market for brands like this. Eyes of Horus have been recognized all around Australia and New Zealand with loyal customers, make-up artists & celebrity consumers. With a huge recognized positive reputation, the brand also contributes to international charities personal and finical.

Eyes Of Horus sell a variety of products, ranging from t-shirts, to mascaras, with 'Goddess Mascara' (RRP £17) being one it’s top. Known for it’s top quality products, other make-up pieces which sell big in the brand, are the 'Liquid Define' liquid eyeliner (RRP £13) & 'Goddess Pencil' eye pencil (RRP £13). Each product has it’s individual qualities, which makes the brand so desirable, such as non-smudging eye liner,, water-poof and lasts all day, (so no more re-touching!), fast drying liquid eyeliner & mascara filled with moringa oil, which is filled with vitamins and fatty acids, good for the lashes themselves. The brand is set to make a huge hit in the UK, and for myself, I am excited for it to hit the stores, are you?

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