Saturday, 23 November 2013

Eyes of Horus Hits the UK - PLATFORM MAGAZINE POST

At last, woman in the UK get the chance to experience one of Australia’s biggest beauty brands, Eyes Of Horus. The brand is about making woman feel empowered, healthy, gorgeous, and glowing with affordable prices and high quality products. I mean who doesn’t want to feel ‘royal’ and flawless? Each product isn’t tested on animals; it’s also paraben-free and is filled with essential oils and natural waxes. Sounding good? The brand I feel will make a massive hit in the UK, along sides competitors such as Benefit makeup, which is also known for its skincare and high quality makeup.

The brand itself if about aiming they’re make-up and products to any age group, from teenage girls, to older woman. Founded by Holly Speirings, and her partner in crime, Amy Lenanne, who is also a make-up artist. They both teamed up with beauty retail expert and sisters Nicole Speirings & business entrepreneur Heather Speirings. Tapping into the UK is a huge benefit to the brand as there is a gap in the market for brands like this. Eyes of Horus have been recognized all around Australia and New Zealand with loyal customers, make-up artists & celebrity consumers. With a huge recognized positive reputation, the brand also contributes to international charities personal and finical.

Eyes Of Horus sell a variety of products, ranging from t-shirts, to mascaras, with 'Goddess Mascara' (RRP £17) being one it’s top. Known for it’s top quality products, other make-up pieces which sell big in the brand, are the 'Liquid Define' liquid eyeliner (RRP £13) & 'Goddess Pencil' eye pencil (RRP £13). Each product has it’s individual qualities, which makes the brand so desirable, such as non-smudging eye liner,, water-poof and lasts all day, (so no more re-touching!), fast drying liquid eyeliner & mascara filled with moringa oil, which is filled with vitamins and fatty acids, good for the lashes themselves. The brand is set to make a huge hit in the UK, and for myself, I am excited for it to hit the stores, are you?

Friday, 8 November 2013

They have finally came around!

Abercrombie & Fitch, the unfamous brand known for its controversial ideas of only 'good-looking', 'rich' and 'young' people purchasing and wearing there products. However if you are not one of these an you are seen wearing the brand, its known a crime. Personally, I feel they are very small minded, and for a market like today, with many competitors on the market such as Jack Wills, Fred Perry & Sol Cal, having this stuck up, picky attitude can affect sales, and also reputation & consumers. Fitch's CEO Mike Jeffries, clearly states in many interviews what they're ideal customer is. “We hire good-looking people in our stores. Because good-looking people attract other good-looking people, and we want to market to cool, good-looking people. We don't market to anyone other than that.”. Another point Fitch are known for creating ambush in the media was Jeffries stating that they will never donate they're clothes to 3rd world countries, as they don't want to create an 'image'.

Degrading enough for the average shopper? Personally it puts me off, even just to go in there, let alone purchase a garment. However, due to major falls in sales (30% last year), Fitch has had to set back, and become more open minded, so branch out there customer audience, to boost sales and create more of a positive reputation. It was only announced recently that they will start selling woman's garments above large, and also expanding with a shoe collection. The womans new larger collections will accompany larger, more boarder shapes, bringing more woman and girls into store. I feel this I a huge improvement to the brand, which should of been sorted ages ago, especially during its media ambush.


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

M&S can learn from Primark!

Primark has been up by 5%, shows last years statistics, with M&S down 1.5%. This video is a clear showing on what can be improved and how primark is doing so well in the market.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Jeremy Scott Joins Moschino!

Jeremy Scott is known for it's 'cool kid' atittude, exploding colours and outragous patterns, and to hear that he's joined Moschino team makes me feel it was a right choice! Moschino is a well respected brand, who is also been famed for outs crazy, fun designs.
Starting in Fall 2014, Scott was be head designer of the french brand. I feel his creativity and chemistry between both brands visions, will bring alot more, and exciting new collections to be seen in the future.

"I was really excited. For me, one of the key elements of Moschino is humor. It’s one of the few houses that has humor, and it’s the same thing for me. Another one of the bonding elements is their written messages that express thoughts and twist ideas. We share an obsession with poking fun at fashion. Whimsy, also."