Sunday, 13 October 2013

Tommy Ton

With Bill Cunningham making me feel inspired looking through his photo's, I wanted to look more into someone who is more modern, younger, with similar ideas and creativity. Known for taking remarkable street style photos at Sydney, London, Paris, and other fashion weeks around the whole, his work is highly respected in the fashion industry. His work is similar to Cunningham's due to the fact, not all of his images are still life, but show personality, daily life and movement. His photo's are strong in colour and style and are a modern take-on to Cunningham's timeless images.
Like many fashion journalists and photographers today, much is depended on the internet, where Ton himself posts his pictures on his blog (jak & jill), &

Looking through his images, I like how everyone is natural, however looking comfortable and proud to be the clothing there in. The images don't just give me inspiration to do some street style photography in a similar style, but to also look out and capture outrageous outfits and style icons like he has chosen. His photo's are just as individual as each other, and it shows he likes the experiment with angles, and perspectives.
The style he spots, is edgy, experimental, making his images inspiring and outstanding of a wide audience of people in the fashion industry.

his blog is here

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