Sunday, 27 October 2013

Feminist Rampage at Paris Fashion Week: News Update

So during Fashion Week at Paris, as I like to keep up to date normally on trends, collections and street style, this year was with a little extra. I remember reading about this and it absolutely shocked me.
During Nina Riccis, s/s14 RTW collection, two feminist woman, topless, with the writing 'Fashion Dictaterror' and 'Model Don't Go To The Brothel', screaming and making a scene, ruining the fashion show it self. During this outrageous entrance, and they're managed to push-over and hurt Liverpool born model, Hollie-May Saker, who said 'I wish I pushed them off stage!'
The group left a blog post saying they wanted to 'sabotage and go against fashion and the show as they think it's 'one of the main outposts of the sex industry'.
The group who organised this ridiculous attack on the model, viewers and the show itself is Ukrainian feminist protest group that is based in both Kiev and Paris.

Personally, I think it's utterly disgusting. I respect woman who stand up for there gender and rights, however, I feel assaulting a model in the process is going against the reason why they are feminists, and is not only making a scene but giving the group a bad name. It's putting down woman and models in the fashion industry in the process, not standing up for them. Woman choose to work in fashion industry for the reason, to earn money, success for themselves, this doesn't deserve to be labelled, nor affecting the lives and health of others.

image from ibtimes

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