Wednesday, 12 November 2014

This Week's Inspiration: Dina Goldstein

It's been a while since using this platform as part as my reflective schedule. Due to my other blog CHAZABELLA always on high demand, and also being used as my professional side of the industry, I find this blog to be more of my inspiration/reflection with my pinterest, alongside my journal with the module.

During this week, I watched Gregory Crewsdon: Brief Encounters. It was a documentary feature film about the photographer Gregory Crewsdon, who creates storyline, movie production photographs. Following him as he created his 'Beneath the Roses' exhibition (which took 10 years to create 50 images), we were able to explore and experience the 'behind the scenes' production, and the creativity that get's put into these photo's.

I felt the whole movie to be highly inspirational from start to end, showing the journey he goes through from location picking to actually taking the images on the day. The way he worked was through always keep his mind open to inspiration, even when he was travelling to locations on his day to day business. This inspired me to leave the lecture, with a fresh open mind, spotting things which I find inspiring, but not just noticing it but using it to my own advantage and creativity.

I am a huge fan of photographs that tell a story, use of props and fantasy aspect. Myself being a huge fan of Tim Walker, watching the movie made me think about not just Crewsdons work, but other inspirational photographers to myself.

While watching the movie, one photographer I admire came to mind throughout. With his style of suburban locations and emotion, I felt Dina Goldstein was just as fitting to his vision.
Dina Goldstein is know for creating photographs which show the 'hidden/cruel truth' mixed with childhood, desires and fantasy. With her DOLLHOUSE exhibition just finishing, It made me want to look more indepth into her work.



Wednesday, 3 September 2014

TOPSHOP - Trend Sign Off

So the A/W trends are rolling in my store at Topshop, and I am dead excited.
With keeping my skills I haven't during University up to check, I have created 3 moodboards, translating each trend to not helping myself, but my colleagues for the brand in my own store and others.

The trends I covered are;


Monday, 7 July 2014

Cast Me Marc!

The world of media, technology and social network is growing. With that, they are huge part of our lives, business's and consumers.
Marc Jacobs newsest campaign has used that to his own advantage, leading a new campaign called #castmemarc, which involved insta-casting, 70,000 applicants and 30 lucky winners, which were then featured in his newest a/w campaign. This has not only brought awareness to the labels newest collection, but has brought his fans, and creative individuals together, expanding the audience and placing relatable figures middle page.

Insta-casting is one of the new ways brands are discovering individuals for there own, or to promote. Other brands have done this such as Rayban and Calvin Klein, and has proved to be an affective way of marketing. This is a new way of promoting and getting there consumers involved, and inspiring others. For big brands like Marc Jacobs, this can give them that memorable image for this years season against competitors campaigns.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

TOPSHOP VM & Fixture Course

I've been working with Topshop for the past two years, so when putting up to advanced level and being able to join with the Visual Merchandising & Fixture evening course, I was really excited.
Visual Merchandising is something I am hugely interested in, and which I'll consider having a field in, in the future. During this course, we looked at placement in store, how it can affect sales, visual merchandising and outfit building for the brand, and additionally having a further understanding on our current trends.

I gained alot from this course, as it got to work with the Visual Merchandiser of our area and headoffice, and engage with other brand managers and VMs from around the UK.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mess Magazine - Issue 3!

From the hard work recently, and keeping balance of University and my own outside work, Mess Magazine issue 3 is now available to read. It's incredible being part of this magazine and putting work into this to make this issue happen. Onwards and forwards for Issue 4!

Find two of my own articles in here!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Flow Market

I've always got a little interest in weird, and wacky little purchases, even if they are completely pointless. Searching around (my usual browsing) I came across Flow Market, who sell small tins with 'emotions' inside and labelled. This idea, I think is ideal, and with the pure packaging, innovative.
This product just makes me think of innovative gallery's, such as I HATE PERFUME, who turn a simple product into something relatable and emotion-triggering to the consumer.

Daring to fail



Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Miley Cyrus Nowness Video

Miley Cyrus hasn't been always in a great light in the media. But, with the new video directed by Quentin Jones, the geographic, memorising video is being labeled as an 'artistic porno'. However with the reputation she has and is trying to build as a 'sex figure', does this video give it justice?

Personally, after watching it I felt inspired, by the styling, the music, and the whole movement of the video. It's turning into a postivie into a negative, filled with catchy music, fun props, and post-production. No wonder there's been alot of buzz about it since release.

Miley Cyrus in “Miley” by Quentin Jones - NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.